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Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Since resources are limited, it is no longer sufficient to show that a new medical intervention is safe and clinically effective. It has to be cost-effective as well.
Recent projects
  • Zowall Consulting Health Economics & Outcomes Research is a contract research organization specializing in the economic evaluation of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health outcomes research, and disease management programs.
  • Zowall Consulting Health Economics & Outcomes Research provides economic analysis (cost–benefit, cost-effectiveness, cost-comparison, cost-minimization, cost-utility, cost-of-illness, and budget impact analyses) of medical technologies in all phases of clinical development.
  • Our Health Economics & Outcomes Research team evaluates the cost- saving potential of new health care interventions, offers program evaluation, investment analysis, and health technology assessment.

Zowall Consulting Health Economics & Outcomes Research
  • Economic analysis alongside Clinical Trials (protocol and Case Report Form development, data analysis plans)
  • Design of prospective health economics studies
  • Preparation of economic dossiers for formulary submission
  • User-friendly interactive simulation models of budgetary impact analysis
  • Medical chart review and abstraction
  • Statistical analyses & modeling (Markov model, decision-tree model)
  • Client-oriented health economics training programs, workshops, and seminars
  • Epidemiological and economic literature reviews
  • Website design
Zowall Consulting Health Economics & Outcomes Research
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Biotechnology firms.
  • Medical device companies.
  • Insurers (private and public).
  • Health care providers.
  • Employers.
  • Investment analysts.
  • Managed Care Organizations (MCO).

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